Bees & Wasps

Bee problems can be unnerving because bees carry stingers and know how to use them. Bee stings hurt!

People often notice bees pollinating flowers or drinking from swimming pools and occasionally swarming in large numbers in search of a new home.

But when bees or wasps move into your attic, or attach a nest to the side of your house, that’s when things get tense.

How We Control Bees and Wasps

At Anthem Pest Control we know how to identify the type of bee, or wasp, which is the first step in controlling a bee, or wasp, problem. Once we know the enemy, so to speak, we can effectively manage any bee problem.

If the issue is a honey bee problem, we may have the bees removed and relocated because of the value honey bees provide in the environment. If the problem involves paper wasps, we will handle it differently. Paper wasps have short fuses and quick tempers; they make bad neighbors and nobody deserves neighbors like that.

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Some Good News about Bees and Wasps

Seeing occasional bees and wasps around is not a bad thing. Honey bees do lots of good work, and one of the common wasps in Las Vegas, the mud dauber, eats spiders which kind of makes the mud dauber a team player with us here at Anthem Pest Control.

Mud daubers are easy to manage, so if they build one of their mud houses on your front porch or somewhere you don’t want it, it’s easy for us to stop that behavior. We don’t mind mud daubers helping you out with spider control, but they need to keep it professional.

If you have a bee problem, or a wasp problem, call or text us 702-566-7057. We will be happy to handle the problem for you and restore your peace of mind.

individual wasp/mud dauber

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