Residential Weed Control

Pulling weeds is not a fun job. Then a few weeks later it seems like you have to do it again. 

If you’re thinking about weed control in April, it’s often too late and you’re battling the weeds in a reactive state. 

You can hire people to come in and spray weeds, or pull them once they show up, but you’ll end up paying more for this service and the weeds come back quickly. Weed control is a job that is MUCH better done pro-actively. 

You may not think of December – January as the time of year to plan your battle against weeds in the spring season but, believe it or not, this is the best time of year to get it done.

How to Keep a Weed-Free Yard

Our approach is to apply a professional grade pre-emergent herbicide solution during the winter which will prevent weed seeds from germinating.

This long-lasting solution does NOT affect your existing plants and yard landscaping and will greatly cut the number of weeds you have to deal with during the following spring-fall season. 

A few weeds can still show up, but these are much easier to manage.

Pro-active weed control is part of keeping a beautiful yard. We service many high-end residential areas for customers who like to keep their yards looking nice all year round.

When your yard is weed-free it looks neat and feels high-end quality.

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