Cockroach Control

Cockroaches crawl through dirty places. They can carry bacteria from these dirty places around with them and spread it everywhere they go. This is a pest you will be glad to have under control.

At Anthem Pest Control we do lots of proactive roach control because there are 5 different types of roaches in the Las Vegas valley. 

Types of Cockroaches in the Las Vegas valley:

  • Oriental Cockroach (most common)
  • Turkestan Roach
  • American Roach
  • Field Roach
  • German Cockroach (most invasive)

How We Control Cockroaches

Our strategy is simple and effective.  We use a pet-safe liquid treatment to make an invisible boundary around your home.

The wonderful thing about our liquid treatment is that it has residual effects for a minimum of 30 days and even up to 100 days, in ideal conditions.  Any roach trying to invade your home by walking across our invisible boundary will die. This treatment alone will stop most home-invading roaches dead in their tracks.

Anthem Pest Control does not require customers to lock into a monthly service contract, but we do a lot of pre-scheduled monthly service for people who want to proactively protect their homes from cockroaches.

    Call 702-566-7057 or Text 702-524-7844 to schedule

Stopping the American Cockroach

This roach may try to sneak into your home through the sewer pipes. If a water drain in your home has not been used in awhile, the water in your P-traps can evaporate and leave an air gap where a roach can sneak in. 

To keep the American roach from invading through your sewer pipes, we recommend that you run water for at least 10 seconds per week in all of your sinks, showers, bathtubs and washing machines during the hot months.

We believe everyone deserves to live in roach free homes. If you have a cockroach problem or want to implement a proactive cockroach control plan call or text us at 702-566-7057 we will be happy to help you.

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