There are many different types of spiders in the Las Vegas valley. The most dangerous are the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.

The Black Widow spider is very common and thrives in the Vegas valley. When young Black Widow spider-lings leave their nest, they spin some web and lift off into the breeze to be carried aloft to their new home. This activity is called ballooning, and this is how Black Widows can land in your backyard to set up their abode.

black widow spider

Black Widows prefer to come out at night, but a trained eye can tell if you have a Widow population during the daytime by spotting their characteristic messy looking webs.

How To Get Rid of Spider Problems

If you have a spider problem or want to be proactive about keeping spiders in check, contact us. At Anthem Pest Control we like to handle spider control because it helps to keep families and pets safe.

Typical spray applications can help to control spiders, but some spiders are difficult to kill unless the spray hits them directly.

Tip: One of the best ways to discourage spiders in your home is to proactively control the other types of insects which they eat. No food = Few spiders.

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Black Widow Spiders

Contrary to popular belief, Black Widows are not aggressive spiders, but they have no qualms about biting if they are disturbed. They tend to hide out in small crevices where people can easily touch them inadvertently.

Black Widow spider bites are painful and they can cause severe reactions in both humans and pets. The Black Widow is not a nice spider to have around. We recommend professional help to control this type of spider.

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