Rats are dirty and some people feel embarrassed when they have rat problems because they feel that rats are attracted to their property because they don’t keep it clean enough. 

But rats don’t discriminate based on cleanliness, they are freeloaders by nature and they’re just looking for three things to stake out new stomping grounds: 

  1. Free food
  2. Free water and 
  3. A snug place to build a nest

When rats appear, time is of the essence because rats can chew through wires causing damage to homes and pool equipment. Or they can chew through pipes causing thousands of dollars in repairs and/or water damage. 

Rats can also climb up underneath vehicles and disable them by chewing through critical wires.

At Anthem Pest Control, we have handled many rat problems. In one case rats had moved in and destroyed a computer circuit board worth $10,000.00. It is important to act quickly when it comes to rats.

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Rat Extermination in Las Vegas

How We Control Rats


If a person has rats in their attic or home, we are not going to use bait to control them because we don’t want the rat to die and decompose in an inconspicuous place causing the home to stink.

Indoors we use traps and if the location is private, like in the attic (and the customer is comfortable) we use rat cameras and motion sensors that we can check remotely. Using technology for rat control allows us to keep the cost as low as possible.


To keep a rat problem from developing outdoors, we use strategically placed bait stations to keep bait onsite 24/7 while shielding it from pets and other wild animals.  

As the rats are scouting out your property, they will find our bait stations and eventually eat some bait. Once they’ve eaten the bait, they will obviously never set up an abode on your property.

Most of our customers who have directed us to deploy this rat control program never have rat problems develop.  As the proverb says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

If you have a rat problem, call or text us at: 702-566-7057 we will be happy to help.

What about Mice?

Mouse control methods are very similar to rat control. A mouse problem tends to resolve faster than a rat problem.

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Rats in Las Vegas

Rats did not use to be a problem in the Las Vegas valley because they didn’t live here, but those days have changed and not only does the rat population continue to grow, but the rats are getting smarter.

There are two types of rats which are now common in the valley: Roof rats (also called Black Rats) and Pack Rats.

It used to be a simple matter to control rats, we would put out some bait or traps and the problem would be solved, but rats are quick learners, and some rats have developed bait aversion or trap shyness.

When we get calls from homeowners who have tried to trap rats and they find their traps tripped and the bait stolen we know right away that the homeowner is dealing with a smart rat who knows how to avoid traps.

Smart rats make rat problems harder to resolve. At Anthem Pest Control, we have some clever ways of effectively outsmarting rats who have developed these behaviors. It can take longer to handle smart rats like these, but we’ve never found a rat problem we can’t handle.

Rat Control

Rats are one of our favorite pests to control because the job requires skill and cunning.  If you have a rat problem or want to keep a rat problem from developing, please text us, or call (702) 566-7057.

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