Scorpions are one of the most feared pests in the Las Vegas area! Even the name, Scorpion, sounds like a name from hell.

There are three different types of Scorpions in the Las Vegas area:

  • Devil Scorpion (sometimes called the California Devil or Southern Devil)
  • Desert Hairy Scorpion and
  • Bark Scorpion

bark scorpions

Who would guess, from this line-up, that the relatively innocent-sounding Bark Scorpion (aka Arizona Bark Scorpion – pictured) would be the major cause of grief for people in the Las Vegas area?

The Bark Scorpion is a tough creature. When it senses a pest spray, it can sometimes slow down its metabolism big-time. This behavior allows the scorpion to just barely survive while the pest spray dissipates whereupon the scorpion can resume life where it left off. Even when scorpions do encounter enough spray to kill them it can still take up to 2 weeks.

Because of this unusual behavior bark scorpions are very hard to eradicate from a property completely. If you have hired exterminators to handle scorpion problems before, and the problem got better initially and then became worse again, now you know why.

How We Control Scorpions

At Anthem Pest Control we handle scorpion problems with immediate action and a proactive battle plan. The immediate action we take will help within 24 hours and our proactive battle plan continues to reduce the scorpion problem and helps to keep it from coming back. In many cases, we can decrease a scorpion problem until it becomes a non-issue.

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions

If you have a scorpion problem please call or text us. We have helped many customers get scorpion problems under control over the past 20+ years and we will be happy to help you too.

Tip: One of the most effective ways to quickly limit an active scorpion population is to use a black-light flashlight around the exterior of your home at night to locate scorpions (they glow green under black-light) and spray them directly with specific over-the-counter aerosols that will kill them.

This in combination with a monthly service on the exterior will control them and make scorpions much less of an issue.

    Call 702-566-7057 or Text 702-524-7844 to schedule

Scorpion Stings

I’ve experienced a scorpion sting personally and it’s not a pleasant thing. If you have infants or children in your home, and you have a scorpion problem, we can provide tips to help you protect your children from scorpion stings while we get your scorpion problem under control. ~ Gilbert (Owner of Anthem Pest Control)

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